Posted on 13-09-2013
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Across a Field of Clover Running



Across a Field of Clover Running

Across a field of clover running,
Through the dew-wet sward I go,
Laws of earth and heaven shunning,
Through the streams of sunshine flow.

Bees on nectarous blossoms dancing,
Butterflies upon the wing,
Witness all my aimless prancing,
Hear the joyful song I sing.

Out across the emerald ceiling,
Soaring out across the green,
Like a swooping swallow feeling
Light as I have ever been,

Above a glorious clover field,
I move between the earth and sky.
To no element will I yield.
Listen to my exuberant cry

~ Daniel F Mitchell

Posted on 23-02-2013
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Rose for a Nightingale

  Rose For A Nightingale 

Nightingale, thou art not forlorn,
Thy sacrifice not made in vain -
That hung thy life upon a thorn,
And tempered true love with its stain.

Purity, thou art not slighted
By the spurn of a thankless sway.
Thy charity stands unblighted,
Though the whole world withers away.

Nightingale, thy sweet notes impart
The tenets of a godly role.
I hold thy bloom against my heart,
And sing thy song within my soul.

~ Daniel F Mitchell

Posted on 01-11-2012
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Harvest Moon

  Harvest Moon

Most divine eye of night,
Keeper of secrets old,
Here beneath thy keen sight,
What tales must have been told!
Thou scorner of the morn,
At high nocturnal noon,
Here witness on the vine
All creatures ever born
To rise and swiftly swoon!
Bestow thy silver wine!

Fair light, immerse me now,
My house of flesh and bone!
Consecrate my pale brow!
Hear my low-throated drone!
For all songs e’er begat
Beneath thy history,
Pine on, O endless tune!
For all the ages that
Looked on thy mystery,
Shine on, O harvest moon!

~ Daniel F Mitchell

Posted on 20-10-2012
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There is a shadow in the glass,
A spirit in the candle light.
There is a ghoul’s sneer in the night,
A specter on the window sash.

We are not alone in this room!
In the jack-o’-lantern’s dim glow
Burns a hint of impending doom.
Does he know something we don’t know?

~Daniel F Mitchell


Posted on 18-10-2012
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Of Tea

  Of Tea

My cup of tea is steeped in deepest lore,
From olden times in lost, exotic lands -
The stuff of ardent scenes since days of yore.
I hold a cup of legend in my hands.
Reposed upon my thoughts as on a throne,
Beneath a tropic jungle’s misted light,
In visions of fragrant haze, I am shown
Incense scent from some ancient temple height.
Sweet wisps of Gypsy secrets at my lips,
I recollect the wealth of friendships past,
Dispelled to naught, like vaporizing ships,
‘Cross seas of mystery and romance vast.
  With kindred souls I sip, and muse, and dream,
  And sail away on wafts of sultry steam.
~ Daniel F Mitchell

Posted on 14-09-2012
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Standing on a Tree Stump


Standing On a Tree Stump  

Standing on a tree stump,
With my arms up in the air,
I feel my lifeblood pump,
As if my limbs were everywhere.
Standing like a mighty tree,
With a windy voice I cry.
I feel my roots beneath me,
And my soul up in the sky.

~ Daniel F Mitchell